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Reporting Services »  G4-Ready Expert Analysis

This service is offered for any published Corporate Responsibility or Sustainability Report. The Beyond Business G4 Ready Expert Analysis assists your company in understanding the degree to which your current report compares with the requirements for the new G4 Reporting Guidelines, and offers recommendations for your transition to meet G4 in accordance criteria at CORE or COMPREHENSIVE reporting level.  Similarly, we can preview your draft G4 report, helping you get ready for the G4 Application Level check, or simply advising you on how it all hangs together.

Our G4 Ready Expert Analysis covers the following analysis elements:

General Standard Disclosures: We analyze the content of your report and identify the disclosures which align with the G4 General Standard Disclosures in part or in full, both for CORE level and for COMPREHENSIVE level. We advise on the gaps that must be filled in order to meet either level.
Material Issues Alignment: We analyze the way in which material issues have been presented in your current report, including the process for identification of material issues and the reflection of stakeholder engagement processes and input. We align the stated material issues in your report, where possible, to the G4 material Aspects, and assess the way in which reported content reflects the stated material Aspects through the existence of DMA or Specific Standard Disclosures.  In each case, we assess the completeness of reporting on material issues, and make recommendations to fill gaps. (If your report contains a materiality list or matrix, we use these as a basis for identifying the G4 material Aspects and Aspect Boundaries as mentioned above. If it does not, we select what appear to be the issues in your report which reflect the most material impacts as the basis for our analysis.)
Material Issues Relevance: We review and comment on the balance of material issues reported and highlight areas which are under-represented based on our general knowledge of your business profile and sector. We use published references to material issues (such as SASB standards, for example) where these exist. This is not an exhaustive materiality benchmark. It is an indication of major materiality gaps which may seem obvious to the average stakeholder.
Disclosures on Management Approach (DMA) and Specific Standard Disclosures (SSD): We review policies and performance indicators disclosed in your current report versus the DMA and SSD requirements for similar disclosures in G4 and report to you the disclosures that match G4 requirements and the nature of gaps that exist, together  with an assessment of the most relevant SSDs for your company's G4 report.
Report Principles – Content and Quality:  We review the ways in which your report meets the G4 Reporting Principles for Defining Report Quality and Report Content and recommend ways in which alignment with these principles could be strengthened. 

Report Structure: We review the structure of your report and make recommendations about how to restructure the content to meet an orderly flow of content with a G4 reporting context.

Generally we can turn around your G4-Ready Expert Analysis within two weeks of receiving your report, but if it's really urgent, we can work more quickly. Clients who have already used this service have found that our insights and recommendations to be of great value. 


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