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Stakeholders are individuals and groups who are impacted by a company’s activities and who in turn impact the company’s business through their choices and actions.

Stakeholders typically include: employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, local communities, NGOs, regulators, media and more.  Engaging stakeholders in dialogue about their expectations and concerns is essential in order for a company to determine its impacts on them and assess related risks and opportunities. Effective sustainability strategy is informed by the expectations, concerns and needs of stakeholders. There are many routes to engaging stakeholders. We can help you find the right route for you, and help you put it into practice. 


Engagement Case Studies

Engagement: comme il faut

Way back in 2008, before stakeholder engagement was a priority for most companies, we held the very first stakeholder dialogue round table for the fashion house comme il faut  as we were preparing comme il faut’s first 2007- 2008 CSR Report.  The discussion involved stakeholders from multiple backgrounds and provided fascinating insights for our client. 


Engagement: GSK Romania

We helped GSK Romania to put together the very first stakeholder engagement round table dialogue in 2013, with more than 60 attendees representing government, business, NGOs, media, suppliers and other partners. This was a leading example, the first in Romania, of such engagement.  


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