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We are committed to supporting accountable, transparent and sustainable business practices and we have published two Sustainability Reports covering our own business activities. We behave legally and ethically and comply with all laws and regulations. We use our values to guide us in all that we do. Our values are:
  • Respect for All 

  • Integrity and Decency 

  • Leadership and Enterprise 

  • Transparency and Openness 

  • Professionalism and Effectiveness 

  • Social and Environmental Sustainability 

  • Community Involvement and Contribution 

  • Working Hard and Having Fun!


We operate in accordance with our Code of Ethics that we developed in 2005, and updated in 2019. 



We contribute cash and volunteering time to social causes in our local community. In 2014, we supported primarily Leket Israel (food waste rescue) and Esheet (women’s advancement). We contribute to additional causes from time to time.


We maintain sustainable and efficient office practices, minimizing material use and waste. We recycle all our office waste. Our paper waste is collected by Amnir and our electronic waste is collected and recycled by Ecommunity, a social enterprise that employs disabled people. We minimize travel by working virtually as far as possible. We have offset our greenhouse gas emissions since 2010 through Good Energy, supporting local environmental projects in Israel through our offsets. We believe we are the only sustainability consulting firm based in Israel that remains carbon neutral. We print on recycled paper. But we don’t print very much at all.

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Our Sustainability Reports


In January 2015, we published our second Sustainability Report, covering 2014 and filling in the years since our first report published in 2011. This second report is written in accordance with the GRI G4 guidelines, core option, and was submitted to GRI for a Content Index Service check, confirming that all the disclosures in the GRI Content Index in our report are correctly located. The icon we received from GRI confirming this is included in the report. Please do take a look. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Beyond Business 2014 Sustainability Report


This is our first Beyond Business Sustainability Report (2010) which was awarded first place in the Best SME Report category in the CRRA'10 online awards ( 

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