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G4-Ready Expert Analysis

G4-Ready Expert Analysis

  • Make sure your G4 report is a G4 report!
  • Get materiality right in G4!
  • Learn the tips and tricks of G4!

We offer our G4-Ready Expert Analysis service for any published Corporate Responsibility or Sustainability Report. The Beyond Business G4-Ready Expert Analysis assists your company to understand the degree to which your current report (non-GRI or G3/G3.1) complies with the in-accordance requirements for the GRI G4 Reporting guidelines. We offer recommendations for your transition to meet G4 in accordance criteria at core or comprehensive reporting level, based on what we learn from your current reporting approach. Similarly, if you have already started to prepare your G4 report, we can analyze your draft, highlight any gaps, make recommendations, help you get ready for the G4 Materiality Matters check if you wish, or simply give you an expert view on how your materiality-focused sustainability story comes across in your intended report.  


Our G4-Ready Expert Analysis covers the following analysis elements: 


  • General Standard Disclosures 

  • Material Issues Alignment 

  • Material Issues Relevance 

  • Disclosures on Management Approach  and Specific Standard Disclosures  

  • Report Principles – Content and Quality 

  • Report Structure 


Generally we can turn around your G4-Ready Expert Analysis within two weeks of receiving your report, but if it's really urgent, we can work more quickly. Clients who have already used this service have found our insights and recommendations to be extremely useful as they transition to or finalize their G4 Sustainability Report.


Contact us before you publish your G4 report! Having supported more than 50 reports for our clients to date, including several G4 reports, you can benefit from our experience. Why learn the hard way?

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