Materiality is the collection of topics that represent a company’s most important impacts on people, society and the environment.

Defining what’s most important is the result of a process that includes strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement, analysis and consensus. It’s not easy. But it’s very worthwhile and helps provide a basis for focused action and performance. We can help. 


Materiality Case Studies

Materiality:  Caesars Entertainment

We worked with Caesars Entertainment to help define a set of 10 most material issues that were reported in Caesars Entertainment 2012 Sustainability Report. The process involved internal discussion and consultation with external stakeholders. The material issues were aligned with Caesars Code of Commitment and the GRI G4 guidelines material Aspects reporting requirements.  


Materiality: Novus International

We worked with Novus International to help define a set of most material issues in preparation for the Novus 2013 Sustainability Report. The process started with a materiality map we prepared for our client, defining more than 100 generic, sector and company specific material issues. Following stakeholder input and internal discussion, 5 material issues were defined and reported as the Novus Sustainable Priorities Compass. 


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