Sustainability reporting is both a process and an output. While we love displaying the reports that we have helped our clients develop, we know that the process of  developing a Sustainability Report, whether it’s a first report or second, or third or tenth, or whether it’s written in line with GRI guidelines or no guidelines at all, is equally as important as the report itself.

Wherever you are and whoever you are, if you want a world-class Sustainability Report, created using a logical and robust process, we can help. With more than 50 reports under our belt, we have the experience that will make the difference to your next report. 


Sustainability Reports

Each of the 50+ Sustainability Reports we have supported for our clients over the years is a case study in itself. Each report is special. Take a look at our clients’ reports and contact us if you are interested to learn more about how it’s done.


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GRI G4 Reports

We embraced the new GRI G4 Framework as soon as it was launched in May 2013. We even wrote a book about it. We believe G4 is the most advanced Sustainability Reporting Framework available today. While it may not be perfect (what is?), it's logical, versatile and an essential tool for great reporting. We were the first consulting company in the world to support three clients on three continents to publish the first GRI G4 sustainability reports in their sectors within six months of the framework being launched. Take a look at our press release from December 2013. 

Since then, of course, G4 has become GRI Standards and we maintain our knowledge and expertise in GRI-based reporting as the Standards continue to be updated. We also work with other standards such as SASB in line with client needs. 



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