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CSR for HR:  A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices (published Greenleaf, 2010) was the first book authored by Elaine and remains the first and only book to cover in detail the relationship (as it should be) between Human Resources Management (HRM) professionals and the Corporate Social Responsibility way of doing business. Arguably, the Human Resources (HR) function is the key partner in embedding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability initiatives in any organisation, as this can be achieved only when a company educates, engages and empowers its entire workforce. This book goes even further and proposes that the HR function has a responsibility to be proactive in leading the way in establishing a company-wide CSR-enabled culture. And, yet, this is not happening. HR managers are preoccupied with their traditional roles of organisational development, recruitment,

training and compensation, and are failing to see the opportunities that CSR brings for them as professionals and for their organisations.

CSR for HR aimed to change the game. It provides HR managers with a thorough understanding of the drivers and principles of CSR and a practical step-by-step guide to the way CSR interfaces with every HR function. Recruitment, compensation, training, employee communications, employee well-being, health & safety, employee rights, involvement in the community, and employee impacts on the environment are all discussed from the CSR–HR standpoint, with many clear examples showing how HR can leverage CSR strategies to deliver greater benefit for the business, for employees, for society, for the environment and, ultimately, for HR professionals themselves.

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Sustainability reporting is here to stay and expanding its influence. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Framework was launched in May 2013, with the publication of two manuals, adding up to 300 pages of technical guidance. Since then thousands of reporters have been hoping for a short and definitive guide to this new reporting paradigm. This is it! In this expert guide to G4, Elaine Cohen presents an easy-to-follow review of everything any company needs to know in order to decide whether to use the G4 Framework and if so, how. If you want to know what G4 means for corporate reporters, whether they are first-timers, SMEs, experienced global companies or existing GRI reporters at any level, this book is for you.  Note: GRI has reviewed Understanding G4 and has confirmed that it provides a broadly accurate representation of the technical guidance in the GRI framework.


However, GRI makes no comment on opinions and matters of interpretation presented in the book, which represent the views of the author.

NB: Since this book was written, GRI standards have evolved and the G4 Standards are no longer relevant today, although many of the underlying approaches are still relevant.  

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Small businesses make a significant collective impact on the environment and society -- but only a tiny percentage of SMEs complete a sustainability report. This 90 minute read will enable any SME to get up to speed on sustainability reporting and plot a course of action for their business. 

Sustainability reporting can help companies make more money - even small and medium-sized businesses. By adopting a transparent approach to business practice and reporting, SMEs can gain significant business advantage, both in terms of more effective internal processes and in terms of reputation, customer loyalty and business-building. As larger companies increasingly seek a responsible approach from their SME suppliers, SMEs will come under growing pressure to report their impacts on people and planet. Those that get ahead of he curve by demonstrating their commitment to

sustainability stand to gain considerable competitive advantage. 

This is a book to help SMEs develop 'the transparency habit' so that they both make more money and contribute more proactively to the sustainability of our society and economy. It is vital reading for SME owners and managers, entrepreneurs, business and sustainability students and teachers, and consultants. Sustainability managers in larger organisations will find this book helpful in assisting their organisations manage their supply chains which undoubtedly include several SMEs.

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The Business Student's Guide to Sustainable Management, Principles and Practice by Petra Molthan-Hill is a comprehensive business student’s guide textbook to sustainable management. Aimed at undergraduates, Masters students and MBAs, this is the first book to offer a full introduction to sustainable management from a business perspective. 

The book covers subjects such as: sustainable marketing; accounting and reporting; economics; sustainable operations management. In 400 pages of easy-to-read text, this book explains what sustainability means for management, provides fully developed seminars for teaching sessions and a collection of additional learning materials and further readings.

Elaine Cohen  co-authored the chapter entitled: Human Resources Management: Developing Sustainability Mindsets

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LAASCH book cover

by Oliver Laasch  and  Roger N. Conaway. First Edition, 2015.  Second Edition, 2021. Principles of Management: Practicing Ethics, Sustainability, Responsibility was the first official textbook of the United Nations global initiative network, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). Fully revised and updated in 2021, this accessible and engaging textbook provides an introduction to management while empowering you to think ethically and sustainably in order to become a responsible manager. It also includes essential workplace skills for the 21st century and coverage of management occupations. Exclusive interviews with management pioneers and professionals help bring theories and concepts 

Elaine Cohen co-authored Chapter 17: People Management.

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Published in Community Index Magazine, Romania, 2021


Views on CSR Reporting, 2020


Video, 2020


Elaine is proud to be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Trust Across America, with a commentary in the Winter 2017 Edition.


Produced in partnership with the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) and the North American Human Resource Management Association (NAHRMA). Part of the SHRM's Effective Practice Guidelines Series. Written by Elaine Cohen, Sully Taylor, PhD. and Michal Muller-Camen, PhD. Published April, 2012. 


SHRM Foundation Executive Summary Briefing. Written by Elaine Cohen, Sully Taylor, PhD. and Michal Muller-Camen, PhD. Published October 2011. 

Published in Personalfuehrung, Germany, June 2011. 


Published in Personalfuehrung, Germany, December 2010. 



Between 2010 and 2014, Elaine published book reviews of some of the best books in the sustainability space. To check out these 38 reviews, see the CSR Books Blog.


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